Spinal Manipulation Addresses Alignment Issues

Adjustments are what most people think of when they talk about chiropractic care. Here at Family Care Chiropractic Fern Creek, we refer to these minor adjustments of the vertebrae in the spine as manipulations.

Their purpose is to realign the vertebrae that have moved out of place, which may be due to any number of reasons. Forces working against your spine can be as humdrum as your daily activities or may be traced to a traumatic incident, such as a car wreck.

Improper Alignment Can Affect Your Whole Body

When your vertebrae are out of place, it can have a systemic effect in your body, ranging from muscular discomfort to nerve pain.

Improper alignment interrupts the flow of impulses in the nerves and body systems and prevents you from functioning at your best.

Quick, Painless Movements Realign Your Spine

Dr. Lansing will either use his hands or an instrument to move your vertebrae into place. The movement is quick and usually painless.

However, you may hear a noise called joint cavitation, which sounds like you're cracking your knuckles. It's caused by the release of gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen, that are in the joint.

Once your spine is properly aligned, your body will be able to perform at the high level it was designed for.

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