New Patient Center

Tell the Doctor What You're Experiencing

If you're new to chiropractic care, you may be a little uncertain about what to expect. Whether you come to Family Care Chiropractic Fern Creek because of a recommendation from a friend or because you're in need of pain relief, you'll find us welcoming and ready to help.
At our clinic, your first visit will begin with getting to know Dr. Jeffrey Lansing. You'll discuss your medical history with him, as well as your condition, your expectations, and your goals.

You also can ask Dr. Lansing any questions you may have. 

Settle on Your Treatment Plan

During your initial visit, Dr. Lansing will conduct a physical examination and, in most cases, also take a few X-rays to help him fully understand your condition.

Between your conversation with the doctor and the exams, a plan of action will be established, and you will begin your treatments.

As with any visit to a doctor's office, you'll also complete some new patient paperwork.

Family Care Chiropractic Fern Creek

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