Spinal Traction

Consider Spinal Decompression Before Surgery

Family Care Chiropractic Fern Creek understands how central the back is to the body's movement and comfort. Injure your back and you'll interfere with work, sleep, relaxation, and just about every other thing you do!

A back injury can lead to a host of issues, including numbness, weakness, and a reduction in the strength and reliability of your arms and legs.

Fortunately, in many cases you don't have to undergo back surgery to find relief, even if your spinal disc material has shifted into the spaces occupied by your nerves. We use DRX9000 and ABS spinal decompression technology to release you from the pain.

Patients Report Good Results With Decompression

Perhaps you've already tried chiropractic manipulations, physical therapy, and drugs without finding relief. If you're not yet ready to progress to back surgery, then spinal decompression may be for you.

Research indicates that 92% of patients report overall improvement when treated for compressed discs.

  • 5% improved 25-50%
  • 17% improved 50-75%
  • 70% improved 75-100%

(Gose, Naguszewski & Naguszewski, The Journal of Neurological Research, Volume 20)

Treat the Cause of the Pain, Not the Pain Itself

Because disc injuries cause such great pain and debilitating pressure, many patients turn to highly addictive medicines, such as morphine. These medicines mask the pain but don't treat the cause.

Invasive surgery usually tries to shave off part of the disc to create room for the crowded nerves.

With decompression, we eliminate the source of the pain, so you don't have to risk spinal surgery and suffer the following months of post-surgical recovery.

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